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March 2016 - Article featuring The Pines Cottages in The Washington Post

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October 2015 - The Pines Cottages was recently featured in the "5 One-of-a-Kind Cabins, Cottages and Yurts Near Asheville" by Roots Rated.


Hidden Treasures in Cottage 11

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Finalizing Cottage 11 Renovation

I found this plate in the dirt under the floor of the kitchen in #11. I wonder how it got there and it's amazing it's not broken. I bet this pattern was in all of the cottages back in the day!

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The inside of cottage 11 is complete and our guests love it. Now it's time to finish the exterior. I think I am going to paint the siding with Valspar Greenwater #5003-4A, the trim Olympic Horseradish ‪#‎C15‬-1 and the front and rear doors Olympic, Apple A Day ‪#‎B35‬-6.

Courtyard Behind Cottage 11

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Here We Go Again....Renovation of Cottage 11

Here is the finished courtyard behind 11, we installed a French drain to eliminate a water issue and put seed and straw in the ground to stabilize the soil and opened up an area outside of the back kitchen door for a table and chairs to take advantage of the beautiful cool mountain weather to eat outside. We hand placed all of the stones on the bank.

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Well, here we go again! A full renovation on Cottage #11. More pictures to come!